What about my pickle jar?

I would like to declare unfair discrimination against my pickle jar.

The new recycling guidelines have come out, and I cannot put glass in my garbage, or in my recycle bin.

My pickle jar is feeling really left out.

You mean I have to find my way halfway through town and bring my pickle jars to the recycle depot?

What are we paying garbage and recycling collection for?

I understand having to deposit ‘dangerous/toxic’ car batteries at the garage. If I have a car, I can drive there. And chances are if I need a new battery, I can leave my old one, right where I get my new one.

But what about the poor pickle jar? What if for some reason I  cannot drive? This doesn’t prevent me from eating pickles. Are you saying I have to quit eating pickles if I cannot get to the recycle depot? I wonder what my favourite pickle making company would have to say about that?

Am I going to have to switch pasta sauces, and only buy the ones in a can, instead of a jar? What if I don’t like the canned ones? Should we be telling the grocery stores to quit selling anything that comes in a glass jar because our city cannot properly collect them on garbage day?

Does jam come in a can?

If I cannot drive, there are companies that deliver groceries, maybe the city should hire them to deliver the glass? Or am I going to have to just slip all my glass in with my bottles and cans that I donate to local bottle drives and let them worry about it? That wouldn’t be very nice, but it seems like a logical option, considering they are going to the depot anyway.

Plus, I thought plastics were bad, and more and more companies are switching to glass. Am I supposed to sacrifice my health and safety and use plastic or tin instead of glass?

I think this is very unfair to the pickle jar. We pay for garbage collection and recycling. So come and get it. It’s a common household item. If I have to take it to the recycle depot, then I should get money back! Isn’t that how it works?

I think the city is in a pickle.

Maybe the city could designate glass pick up once a month on a regular garbage day?  That would be nice! Even once every 2 months would be ok. If you know of any solutions, please let me know.

Now I’m craving a pickle!











What’s that Smell?

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?
That is today’s Daily Post Blog Challenge.

50% of that question is easy.
I would give up my sense of smell. Sure I would miss the smell of coffee in the morning, of fresh baked bread, of the blooming roses in the rose garden! There are so many smells that I love and would miss dearly, but equally there are that many more smells that I wouldn’t mind never smelling again. Like the dumpster behind a nearby restaurant, my cat’s litter box, silent but deadly farts while trapped in an elevator, the list goes on and on. I think my life would change the least, if that was the sense that I lost.
I considered giving up taste, that way maybe I would eat brussel sprouts, couscous, fish and other healthy foods currently not on my menu. Then maybe I would be fitter, healthier, and feel and look better. That would be the plus side of giving up taste, but I can’t do it. I love food waaaaaay too much. Wing night would be a bore, wine tasting wouldn’t exist, and that one little piece of chocolate I sometimes treat myself too, well there would be no more treats. Actually my social life would probably extinguish, since it mostly surrounds dinner with friends, wing nights, backyard BBQ’s…food in general. So Nope, taste stays.

Sight and hearing are far too important to consider giving up, and as for touch. I thought about giving this one up too. It might be nice if I burnt my hand on the stove not to feel it. But on the opposite side, I wouldn’t know I was burning my hand and probably do far more damage to myself without even knowing it. Nope, losing the sense of touch would be far too dangerous. Plus I would miss the warm caress of my fuzzy blanket, feeling the arms of loved ones around me, and what about the soft fur of my cat? I would be sad to never pet my cat again and relish in his softness!


Now comes the hard part. Which sense to enhance? The two to choose from for me would be hearing and sight.

I would love to have better hearing, but only to be snoopy. This would be very advantageous if I was a secret agent spy, or a cop. But I’m not. I could overhear what bad guys were saying, hear them coming to get the jump on them, you know, that kind of thing. On the flip side I could hear my neighbour going to the bathroom, hear nasty music coming from the house next door while trying to sleep, hear all kinds of things that I wouldn’t want to hear and probably suffer from insomnia. So scratch that, enhancing my sense of hearing is out.

That leaves sight. Unless you want to include that often not talked about “6th sense”? No? I didn’t think so. So through process of elimination, my sight is enhanced, and “What’s That Smell” are three words you will never hear from me again!

This has been my 5th daily post!

Thanks for reading!