Chicken Curry! Oh Yes I did!

If you know me, you know I am not much of a cook. So I am always happy when a friend takes me under their wing by offering a cooking class. Last night, We headed up to Dave and Cathy’s place to learn about cooking curry! I decided to video the steps, so I would remember what to do, and transcribe it for you!

Apparently, when you make a curry, you need several spices, because that’s what gives it that wonderful flavour.  Curry powder has several spices in it already, but you need to add more.

Tonight we made 2 dishes. Regular curry and Madras curry.

Step 1:  (4:27pm)

Place chopped garlic and onions in the bottom of the pot (s). Apparently the onions, garlic and a little bit of ginger will cook and eventually disappear making the curry thick, that and the coconut milk. But right now just put chopped onions and garlic into the pot (s).

Step 2: (4:29 pm)

Turn on stove to medium high.  Scoop in  some coconut oil and some red palm oil. Looked like a couple spoons of each into both pots. Also a scoop of clarified butter if you don’t have (I think she said…Gee?)

Yes, I asked – how do you make clarified butter?  She said put butter in a pot, put it on low for 3 hours. The foam comes to the top, and the milk goes to the bottom. Skim off the butter and put through a cheese cloth strainer. Shazam – you have clarified butter.

Step 2.5 (4:31 pm)

While you have the palm oil out, put a couple of scoops into a 3rd pan, where you are frying your chicken.

Step 3: (4:34 pm)

Add ginger, about 1/2 an inch. She keeps her ginger in the freezer.  Then she used a really fine grader, and graded in 1/2 an inch of ginger in to each pot.  Sound confusing? It’s not, if the ginger root was one inch tall, you grade half of that into the pot! 🙂

This stuff has been cooking for about 10 minutes.

Step 4: (4:37 pm)

Add chopped celery, because she likes hers to cook a long time and disappear with the onions and garlic.

Step 5: (4:38 pm)

Add the spices. How much of each? I have no idea, But I do have a video, unfortunately this blog cannot post videos, so If you want it, I’ll email it to you, just ask me for it.

Pot 1                      Pot 2

Curry                    Madras Curry

Turmeric             Turmeric

Cumin                Cumin

………..               Garam Masala

Grind up/crush celery seed and coriander and add to both pots but put more in pot 2.

Step 6:

Turn down stove to medium low and let simmer.

Step 7: (4:41 pm)

3 minutes later we added home made chicken stock to each pot.  Looked like 2 cups in each pot. And squeeze in a lemon into the Curry Pot 1.

Step 8: (4:45 pm)

Add chopped carrots to both pots then cover both pots.

Step 9: (5:21)

About 30 minutes later we added chopped zucchini and cauliflower to both pots. And a little bit of water, like a cup full.

Step 10:

I guess before this all started she chopped up some chicken breasts and covered them in Turmeric, salt and pepper, and Paprika.  Turn on the pan that has palm oil in it.  Add some olive oil. Get it nice and hot, now add the chicken. We’re going to cook it until it’s almost done. Then we turn it off, and the heat from the pan, finishes cooking it. This is how we get soft succulent chicken, not hard leathery chicken.,  Then the chicken will go in the 2 pots for maybe 2 minutes before serving.

Step 11 (5:30 pm)

While chicken is cooking, Add a can of coconut milk to each pot. And a can of organic diced tomatoes to the Madras Curry pot 2 and a few shakes of peri peri sauce to spice up the madras curry pot 2.

Step 12: (5:50 pm)

Add some Chutney to the Curry pot 1, about 4 tablespoons.  What a difference.  I tasted before and after we added that!  WOW! The chutney accentuates the curry flavour.

Step 13:

Once the chicken is cooked, divide into both pots, stir up, wait a couple of minutes and serve over rice.  DELISH!

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