3 days later…Oct 24,2017

Currently as I type we are on the road to Mexico! Sorry I have been out of touch but who has time to blog whet they’re in Vegas? We spent 3 exciting nights in Vegas with our friends Tom & Stephanie. Spent too much money at the outlet mall, drank too many beverages and had a really fun time. Then we headed to Palm Springs for 1 night. Walked around downtown, had a nice Italian dinner then headed back to the hotel for a swim & a hot tub! I could get in to specifics, but naaa!

Road wise, no issues, lets see how our crossing in to Mexico at Calexico goes!

Check back later!!




Vegas baby! Oct 20,2017

After nearly driving 2000 km we finally arrived in Las Vegas Nevada! The drive was pretty uneventful which I guess is a good thing! The stretch between jackpot to Vegas is one giant straight line with nothing to see for miles and miles. If you thought driving through Saskatchewan was boring you ain’t seen nothing yet till you take the drive from jackpot to Vegas. And we even hit snow in Wells. We were not impressed but Monty did a great job! The hardest part about the drive was actually maneuvering through Vegas to find our friends home. They live out in Spring Valley somewhere & our GPS made a couple of errors but eventually corrected itself. You know Roc he is not a city driver. We are used to driving in Penticton with 40,000 people not in a huge city with 2 million! But we found it! I am pretty sure our three days in Vegas are not going to be your typical Vegas vacation. We won’t be spending time gambling. We won’t be going to any big fancy shows. We’re mostly chilling with our friends! Our first night stephanie’s yoga studio asked if she could help out at the pride parade. So while she was there Tom took us to The Peppermill for dinner. Let me tell you it was lined up like crazy. And you can easily share a plate. All three of us had leftovers on our plate! We were so full that I had to walk it off. We walked from there to the worlds largest gift shop where ROC wanted to buy a mug. From there we went and picked up Stephanie and headed home. In the morning at 4:30 AM Tom and Stephanie were heading out for a bike ride and run with the running group. We really wanted to go but we knew there was no way we could get up that early. These guys have too much energy there’s no way we can keep up LOL! Day two in Vegas we will see what it will bring.



Monty Hauls Ass Oct 19,2017

Day 2 of our road trip to Cabo San Lucas included miles and miles through the land of road kill from Moses Lake WA to Jackpot NV. We saw at least 30 road kill splatters along the way including deer, coyotes, skunks, an owl, an eagle, a porcupine and many unidentifiable! Ew!

The farther along we got the faster we could go. It went from 60, to 70, to 80mph, and Monty hauled ass! Monty is the name we gave our Santa Fe. Here is my logic…it is the colour of a sandy beach, we bought it off a jamaican couple, Montego Bay is a Beach in Jamaica, soooooo…Monty!

Anyway, poor Monty is loaded, close to 1000 lbs, and he didn’t waver, even going up some hefty hills.

Some things I learned today…

1) thank god for the GPS. If I had to watch for signs we never would have made it.

2) farms stink

3) US cars don’t have daytime running lights (stupid)

4) avoid highway hotels. We are running on only a few hrs sleep it was so noisy last night!

5) know when to walk away at the casino! I cashed out with a whopping $20 cash over my original play of $5 😱

Here was Roc’s big question. As we drove through cattle county we saw a bunch of Holstein cattle. He first wondered why they were black and white, then he wondered who milked them before people, or did people invent them? (Feel free to submit your answers)

It was a long day as you can probably tell. Sadly, I have to write this on my phone as the internet doesn’t work in our room.

Tomorrow Vegas Baby!



The Adventure Begins, Oct 18/2017

Today was the big day! Our adventure from all the yellows, reds, oranges and browns of autumn to the land of sand and sunshine.  We woke at the wee hour of 5:30 am, why? I have no idea. Probably just excited. Roc had to finish off his to-do list, while I had to log in and go to work. While typing away on my computer I could hear the rumblings of Roc trying to pack the Santa Fe.  Constantly proclaiming it wasn’t all going to fit. (It did, barely) Then off to reclaim my crown at the dentist! Ya, my temp fell off, now thoroughly digested, today was the day the final crown came in. My regular dentist was on vacation, so I sat in the chair best I could while he sculpted my new crown trying to get it to fit right.  Eventually I said”good enough” (it wasn’t) and headed for the door.


Back to work to write one last ad, then we hit the road.  Goal: make it to Moses Lake Washington. We waved good bye to all the trees shedding their leaves for fall, and headed to the Osoyoos/Oroville border.  Fortunately everything went smoothly at the crossing.  He asked a whole lot of questions, especially about the tires in the back, but didn’t mention the Styrofoam head! “Have a good trip” he said, and we were off, now in the USA! Just before we hit Omak, traffic was stopped for a very bad accident. I think a little car tried turning in front of a semi. The car was upside down ass end up a hill,, while the semi was jackknifed in the middle of the highway.  We slowly all drove past. Looked like a nurse or dr was there to help (judging by his scrubs) the emergency crews passed us on the highway about 5 minutes later heading to the scene. That was our big reminder to slow down, take our time, and be safe. The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful, until we finally pulled in to Moses Lake. It was now dark, and Roc told me it was a small town so I figured we would just stop at a hotel as we passed by.  1st…Moses lake is not small. 2nd. We didn’t pass any hotels (that we saw) and it looked like we were headed out of town. So we turned around and finally found one.  We probably should have kept driving…not pretty, barely clean, shower sprays everywhere, old school box tv, and the wall lights are installed sideways . But it was close to Guidos pizza, where we walked to dinner! So that’s a plus.

Reflecting on my day I noticed a few things. 1) Driving in Canada is much more satisfying than in the US.  I felt like we barely made any headway.  In the US, 80 miles is 128 kms!  Much more satisfying when counting clicks!

2) When Roc says the car is full, ignore ignore ignore, there is always more room.

3)  There is some pretty cool scenery here in Washington.  Fields full of boulders, pretty little lakes, dams, rocky cliffs, and yes, even tee-pees!

Well, that’s it for day 1. Tomorrow we are off to Jackpot!  We will see what the day brings. Sorry for the crappy pics, took them on the fly!

Signing off…






Testing Testing 1,2,3!

This is it!  One week countdown to our BIG CABO ROAD TRIP!  We have already started to pack the car! So I figured it was time to get my blog dusted off and ready for action. I HOPE to be able to keep you all up to date on the goings on along the way!  Just make sure you follow my blog! Pink Bubbly!  Yep that’s the right one.  Want to know why it’s called Pink Bubbly? Read former post called “I Dropped the Elephant”  It’s been a while since I blogged, so it’s a little dusty, and I’m a little rusty!

Thanks for following along!



Road Trip 2

Chicken Curry! Oh Yes I did!

If you know me, you know I am not much of a cook. So I am always happy when a friend takes me under their wing by offering a cooking class. Last night, We headed up to Dave and Cathy’s place to learn about cooking curry! I decided to video the steps, so I would remember what to do, and transcribe it for you!

Apparently, when you make a curry, you need several spices, because that’s what gives it that wonderful flavour.  Curry powder has several spices in it already, but you need to add more.

Tonight we made 2 dishes. Regular curry and Madras curry.

Step 1:  (4:27pm)

Place chopped garlic and onions in the bottom of the pot (s). Apparently the onions, garlic and a little bit of ginger will cook and eventually disappear making the curry thick, that and the coconut milk. But right now just put chopped onions and garlic into the pot (s).

Step 2: (4:29 pm)

Turn on stove to medium high.  Scoop in  some coconut oil and some red palm oil. Looked like a couple spoons of each into both pots. Also a scoop of clarified butter if you don’t have (I think she said…Gee?)

Yes, I asked – how do you make clarified butter?  She said put butter in a pot, put it on low for 3 hours. The foam comes to the top, and the milk goes to the bottom. Skim off the butter and put through a cheese cloth strainer. Shazam – you have clarified butter.

Step 2.5 (4:31 pm)

While you have the palm oil out, put a couple of scoops into a 3rd pan, where you are frying your chicken.

Step 3: (4:34 pm)

Add ginger, about 1/2 an inch. She keeps her ginger in the freezer.  Then she used a really fine grader, and graded in 1/2 an inch of ginger in to each pot.  Sound confusing? It’s not, if the ginger root was one inch tall, you grade half of that into the pot! 🙂

This stuff has been cooking for about 10 minutes.

Step 4: (4:37 pm)

Add chopped celery, because she likes hers to cook a long time and disappear with the onions and garlic.

Step 5: (4:38 pm)

Add the spices. How much of each? I have no idea, But I do have a video, unfortunately this blog cannot post videos, so If you want it, I’ll email it to you, just ask me for it.

Pot 1                      Pot 2

Curry                    Madras Curry

Turmeric             Turmeric

Cumin                Cumin

………..               Garam Masala

Grind up/crush celery seed and coriander and add to both pots but put more in pot 2.

Step 6:

Turn down stove to medium low and let simmer.

Step 7: (4:41 pm)

3 minutes later we added home made chicken stock to each pot.  Looked like 2 cups in each pot. And squeeze in a lemon into the Curry Pot 1.

Step 8: (4:45 pm)

Add chopped carrots to both pots then cover both pots.

Step 9: (5:21)

About 30 minutes later we added chopped zucchini and cauliflower to both pots. And a little bit of water, like a cup full.

Step 10:

I guess before this all started she chopped up some chicken breasts and covered them in Turmeric, salt and pepper, and Paprika.  Turn on the pan that has palm oil in it.  Add some olive oil. Get it nice and hot, now add the chicken. We’re going to cook it until it’s almost done. Then we turn it off, and the heat from the pan, finishes cooking it. This is how we get soft succulent chicken, not hard leathery chicken.,  Then the chicken will go in the 2 pots for maybe 2 minutes before serving.

Step 11 (5:30 pm)

While chicken is cooking, Add a can of coconut milk to each pot. And a can of organic diced tomatoes to the Madras Curry pot 2 and a few shakes of peri peri sauce to spice up the madras curry pot 2.

Step 12: (5:50 pm)

Add some Chutney to the Curry pot 1, about 4 tablespoons.  What a difference.  I tasted before and after we added that!  WOW! The chutney accentuates the curry flavour.

Step 13:

Once the chicken is cooked, divide into both pots, stir up, wait a couple of minutes and serve over rice.  DELISH!

2 3 4

Are you a Grammar Commander?

Cross your T’s and dot your I’s
That should be a semicolon not a comma.
Why do you randomly Capitalize words in the middle of a sentence?
Quit overusing the exclamation mark!!!

Ya, I do that, and quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!
I agree there is a time and a place for proper grammar, spelling and no type-oh’s. That place is not my blog. So you grammarphobic fools may get the heeby-jeeby’s when you read it.


I have known many Grammar Commanders in my time.  I have been known to bring out my grammar whip when necessary. But that’s not going to happen in my blog world.  Nope, the Pink Bubbly Blog is a happy place where you can type anything you want without spell check or grammar check, and it really doesn’t matter!

There are no consequences, except maybe not being “Fresh Pressed” whatever that is. But that’s not why I’m blogging anyway. Actually, I don’t know why I am blogging.

I just am.

So if you are reading my blog and you find a mistake, stop, take a deep breath in, exhale out, and move past it. See, that was easy, wasn’t it?

CRAP…do you know what I just did? I just proofread my blog and corrected spelling and fixed the random words that I noticed I capitalized for no reason.

My subconscious did it.  Automatically. It just happened, without my control.

I am sure I missed some, actually I might just put some Back in just for Fun!!!!

On a sad note, I kinda wish I was more of a Grammar Commander. I recently entered a short story writing contest and scored 88/100. I lost all my points to grammar and punctuation, and of course that randomly capitalized word that I overlooked. 😦

Since we’re all friends here, I’ll share one more little factoid. This was my 17th blog. I thought you should know. Now, complete the poll below so I can learn a little bit about you!