Vegas baby! Oct 20,2017

After nearly driving 2000 km we finally arrived in Las Vegas Nevada! The drive was pretty uneventful which I guess is a good thing! The stretch between jackpot to Vegas is one giant straight line with nothing to see for miles and miles. If you thought driving through Saskatchewan was boring you ain’t seen nothing yet till you take the drive from jackpot to Vegas. And we even hit snow in Wells. We were not impressed but Monty did a great job! The hardest part about the drive was actually maneuvering through Vegas to find our friends home. They live out in Spring Valley somewhere & our GPS made a couple of errors but eventually corrected itself. You know Roc he is not a city driver. We are used to driving in Penticton with 40,000 people not in a huge city with 2 million! But we found it! I am pretty sure our three days in Vegas are not going to be your typical Vegas vacation. We won’t be spending time gambling. We won’t be going to any big fancy shows. We’re mostly chilling with our friends! Our first night stephanie’s yoga studio asked if she could help out at the pride parade. So while she was there Tom took us to The Peppermill for dinner. Let me tell you it was lined up like crazy. And you can easily share a plate. All three of us had leftovers on our plate! We were so full that I had to walk it off. We walked from there to the worlds largest gift shop where ROC wanted to buy a mug. From there we went and picked up Stephanie and headed home. In the morning at 4:30 AM Tom and Stephanie were heading out for a bike ride and run with the running group. We really wanted to go but we knew there was no way we could get up that early. These guys have too much energy there’s no way we can keep up LOL! Day two in Vegas we will see what it will bring.




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