Monty Hauls Ass Oct 19,2017

Day 2 of our road trip to Cabo San Lucas included miles and miles through the land of road kill from Moses Lake WA to Jackpot NV. We saw at least 30 road kill splatters along the way including deer, coyotes, skunks, an owl, an eagle, a porcupine and many unidentifiable! Ew!

The farther along we got the faster we could go. It went from 60, to 70, to 80mph, and Monty hauled ass! Monty is the name we gave our Santa Fe. Here is my logic…it is the colour of a sandy beach, we bought it off a jamaican couple, Montego Bay is a Beach in Jamaica, soooooo…Monty!

Anyway, poor Monty is loaded, close to 1000 lbs, and he didn’t waver, even going up some hefty hills.

Some things I learned today…

1) thank god for the GPS. If I had to watch for signs we never would have made it.

2) farms stink

3) US cars don’t have daytime running lights (stupid)

4) avoid highway hotels. We are running on only a few hrs sleep it was so noisy last night!

5) know when to walk away at the casino! I cashed out with a whopping $20 cash over my original play of $5 😱

Here was Roc’s big question. As we drove through cattle county we saw a bunch of Holstein cattle. He first wondered why they were black and white, then he wondered who milked them before people, or did people invent them? (Feel free to submit your answers)

It was a long day as you can probably tell. Sadly, I have to write this on my phone as the internet doesn’t work in our room.

Tomorrow Vegas Baby!




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