The Adventure Begins, Oct 18/2017

Today was the big day! Our adventure from all the yellows, reds, oranges and browns of autumn to the land of sand and sunshine.  We woke at the wee hour of 5:30 am, why? I have no idea. Probably just excited. Roc had to finish off his to-do list, while I had to log in and go to work. While typing away on my computer I could hear the rumblings of Roc trying to pack the Santa Fe.  Constantly proclaiming it wasn’t all going to fit. (It did, barely) Then off to reclaim my crown at the dentist! Ya, my temp fell off, now thoroughly digested, today was the day the final crown came in. My regular dentist was on vacation, so I sat in the chair best I could while he sculpted my new crown trying to get it to fit right.  Eventually I said”good enough” (it wasn’t) and headed for the door.


Back to work to write one last ad, then we hit the road.  Goal: make it to Moses Lake Washington. We waved good bye to all the trees shedding their leaves for fall, and headed to the Osoyoos/Oroville border.  Fortunately everything went smoothly at the crossing.  He asked a whole lot of questions, especially about the tires in the back, but didn’t mention the Styrofoam head! “Have a good trip” he said, and we were off, now in the USA! Just before we hit Omak, traffic was stopped for a very bad accident. I think a little car tried turning in front of a semi. The car was upside down ass end up a hill,, while the semi was jackknifed in the middle of the highway.  We slowly all drove past. Looked like a nurse or dr was there to help (judging by his scrubs) the emergency crews passed us on the highway about 5 minutes later heading to the scene. That was our big reminder to slow down, take our time, and be safe. The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful, until we finally pulled in to Moses Lake. It was now dark, and Roc told me it was a small town so I figured we would just stop at a hotel as we passed by.  1st…Moses lake is not small. 2nd. We didn’t pass any hotels (that we saw) and it looked like we were headed out of town. So we turned around and finally found one.  We probably should have kept driving…not pretty, barely clean, shower sprays everywhere, old school box tv, and the wall lights are installed sideways . But it was close to Guidos pizza, where we walked to dinner! So that’s a plus.

Reflecting on my day I noticed a few things. 1) Driving in Canada is much more satisfying than in the US.  I felt like we barely made any headway.  In the US, 80 miles is 128 kms!  Much more satisfying when counting clicks!

2) When Roc says the car is full, ignore ignore ignore, there is always more room.

3)  There is some pretty cool scenery here in Washington.  Fields full of boulders, pretty little lakes, dams, rocky cliffs, and yes, even tee-pees!

Well, that’s it for day 1. Tomorrow we are off to Jackpot!  We will see what the day brings. Sorry for the crappy pics, took them on the fly!

Signing off…







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