What about my pickle jar?

I would like to declare unfair discrimination against my pickle jar.

The new recycling guidelines have come out, and I cannot put glass in my garbage, or in my recycle bin.

My pickle jar is feeling really left out.

You mean I have to find my way halfway through town and bring my pickle jars to the recycle depot?

What are we paying garbage and recycling collection for?

I understand having to deposit ‘dangerous/toxic’ car batteries at the garage. If I have a car, I can drive there. And chances are if I need a new battery, I can leave my old one, right where I get my new one.

But what about the poor pickle jar? What if for some reason I  cannot drive? This doesn’t prevent me from eating pickles. Are you saying I have to quit eating pickles if I cannot get to the recycle depot? I wonder what my favourite pickle making company would have to say about that?

Am I going to have to switch pasta sauces, and only buy the ones in a can, instead of a jar? What if I don’t like the canned ones? Should we be telling the grocery stores to quit selling anything that comes in a glass jar because our city cannot properly collect them on garbage day?

Does jam come in a can?

If I cannot drive, there are companies that deliver groceries, maybe the city should hire them to deliver the glass? Or am I going to have to just slip all my glass in with my bottles and cans that I donate to local bottle drives and let them worry about it? That wouldn’t be very nice, but it seems like a logical option, considering they are going to the depot anyway.

Plus, I thought plastics were bad, and more and more companies are switching to glass. Am I supposed to sacrifice my health and safety and use plastic or tin instead of glass?

I think this is very unfair to the pickle jar. We pay for garbage collection and recycling. So come and get it. It’s a common household item. If I have to take it to the recycle depot, then I should get money back! Isn’t that how it works?

I think the city is in a pickle.

Maybe the city could designate glass pick up once a month on a regular garbage day?  That would be nice! Even once every 2 months would be ok. If you know of any solutions, please let me know.

Now I’m craving a pickle!











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