What to do when you get sick in Cabo?

CaboFriends Net asked me to share this experience with you.

Yes, it’s true, I came down with the Infamous Cabo Crud. It’s like a nasty cold that gets in your lungs and has you hacking up all kinds of fun stuff. I was coughing so much, that Poncho the sea lion  from the marina started answering back. My nose was like Niagra falls, and I was dizzy and achy. It came on slow, then boom it hit me. I tried the tequila remedy suggested by so many, but unfortunately that did not work.  I considered going to one of the hospitals like Amerimed, or Blue net, but then Stephanie from Wicked Pizza  suggested I go see the same dr she went to when she crud got to her.  So I took her advice.

This Dr’s office is just up the street about 3 blocks up from Desperados.(on the left hand side)  There is a pharmacy attached to it.  Just walk in and there is a small waiting room and one door with the #1 on it.  If no one is waiting just knock on the door. If someone is in the waiting area just sit down and wait your turn. The DR’s visit was 40 pesos.  Less than the one box of Kleenex I bought at the Super Mercado.

Most people get “The Shots”  I am told they are 4 shots in 4 days.  You just go next door to pharmacy, buy the shots and needles, go back to dr and she charged 20 pesos to give the shot. Due to my health situation I got one shot and a bunch of pills.  The shot freekin hurt. She warned it would, but man…oweee! I came hobbling outta there like a 90 year old woman.  It was at this point I wish I had drove, instead of walked.  Roc got a good laugh anyway 🙂

On the way home we walked up to Rico Suave, 1/2 a block west past Baja Peppers on the left had side. You can see their Yellow Sandwich board on the street from the corner of Baja Peppers.  They have the best smoothies! On this occasion a little kid was juicing the oranges, he could barely reach the handle!  So Cute! Their smoothies are nice and fresh and a giant one is only 48 pesos.  They have MANY flavor combinations!

The pain from the shot was fading, by the time I got home (about 3 more blocks) and I was already starting to feel better.  I’m wishing I stayed on that shot regime instead of switching to pills, but hey, they are working too.

So, if you are in Cabo and happen to come down with the Cabo Crud. Don’t worry, bring your pesos to the little clinic and get your shot!  It will be gone in no time!

I get the Cabo Crud or some kind of cold every time I travel (anywhere). I normally wait it out, and end up with some kind of chr0nic cough for 3 months.  I am hoping since I went to the dr 5 days in to the sickness when it climaxed to it’s nastiest point, it will be gone by the weekend! Here’s hoping!




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