Day 3 – Waiting for Mexico 10/27/13

Yay! We finally slept last night, got up early and was on the road by 7am!

To all the Californians out there. In case you were wondering what that stick was coming out of your steering column on the left hand side, it’s called a signal. You push it up or down to let those around you know you are about to cut them off.  You know, it’s kinda of a courtesy thing.  OMG!!! Crazy Drivers!

Roc drove all the way along the nice open highway 5 to…um…Leduc????I don’t know, some place where we got more gas, then I drove all the way through LA to La Mesa. That was not fun. LA is the biggest city I have ever drove in. I was going 120k through heavy traffic, and still pissing people off because I was going too slow. WHATEVER PASS ME.  Oh and In case you didn’t know, Hollywood changed it’s name to Smoggywood. But no one can see the sign to be able to tell.

Finally we arrived in La Mesa, pulled in to a plaza, sat down at a noisy bar where everyone was screaming at the football players on the big screen, and ordered some chicken fingers. Here we decided to keep on trucking to find our route closer to the border.  We ended up out in the middle of no where El Cajon, at one of the only OLD hotels our GPS could find, the Quality inn. 

Guess what? The people that checked in right before us were from White Rock BC. We saw a No Bad Days Sticker on their car, so we had the hotel call them. They too are on their way to cabo, we are meeting them at 8pm to chat about the trip! They have driven many times, so this should be informative!

On that note, it’s almost 8pm…so I’m off to be informed and meet some new cabo friends.

Chat tomorrow, maybe, if there’s internet at our hotel  in El Rosario.


PS:  I posted pics on Facebook. Sorry, they’re below average.





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