Packing, Packing, Packing!

I hate packing.
I always forget something.
Even if I have a list, chances are, I forget to add it to the list, or somehow forget to pack it anyway.
Currently I am packing for a 4 month visit to Cabo San Lucas.
So for that length of stay, I’m going to need more than just a couple pairs of shorts and a swim suit.

When I first got my new job almost 2 years ago, I was excited when my boss said, “You can work from anywhere, even Mexico!” So I decided to take his advice. Last year we did a 50 night test run in Cabo San Lucas to see if the internet was good enough for me to be able to work. And Yes it was! The cool thing about Cabo, was that if my internet went down, there are plenty of free wifi zones all over downtown, where I could just pick up a signal when needed.

This year we are renting right downtown, really close to this cool little bar called Tanga Tanga, and yes it has free wifi too!

Recently I injured my shoulder playing ball, a posterior dislocation, which has resulted in frozen shoulder. I told my specialist that I was planning a trip to Cabo and he said that was a great idea for the healing process. The warmth should really help me heal, along with the salt water from the sea of Cortez. I am determined to be swinging a golf club by spring, and Cabo is going to help me do it. Dr’s Orders!

Anyway, back to the subject of packing. I have 4 big suitcases + a carry on + a personal item. Yes, I said 4, and I also said big. OMG! I need to repack, what the heck is in these 4 big suitcases?
Well a printer and laptop for my work. A crockpot. My wii and wii fit. Cables, speakers, MP3 player, sandals, shorts, shirts, dresses, vitamins, shampoo…you know…the usual stuff.
I’m going to be there for 4 months…I need this stuff. + beach chairs, snorkel gear, a cooler, that’s not in there.
What can I not take? I have no idea. I will have to unpack and repack, then check my list.
OMG, so stressful.

In case you were wondering…Roc has 1 big suitcase + a carry on + a personal item. He also found the stuff I snuck in his bag, and put back in mine.
Hey, I tried.



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