Sorry, No Portuguese!

Desculpe, no Português
I got really good at saying that Phrase when travelling in Brasil. The truth is, I am terrible with languages. First of all I can’t remember them, and for some reason I cannot pronounce them either.
My boyfriend was purchasing a beautiful piece of land on the beach near Ilheus Brasil, and to do that it took quite a bit of paperwork. Thankfully we had a business manager that spoke a little bit of English to help us get it done. While downtown at the federal building we found out we needed to go make photocopies, so we went to the local office store, thankfully across the street, and rushed to get it done, before the doors closed. You see the workers were getting ready to go on strike and if we didn’t get all the paperwork done pronto, chances are it would take a very long time to get title to the land. So we had to hurry.
It was a bit chaotic, pulling paperwork and passports out of our bags, photocopying all kinds of documents then rushing back to the federal building, but we got it done, then went back to our little pousada on the beach to relax for a while.

Pousada Brasil

That’s when I realized I left my purse at the office store. It had my wallet, passport, everything in it. Oh Crap!
We hopped in a taxi and headed back downtown. We walked in the store and of course I used my conversation starter…
Desculpe, no Português
The lady smiled and nodded and replied no English!
The we pulled out our trusty iphone, and found the phrase “I lost my bag”
The lady smiled and said “Sim, eu tenho o seu saco.”
I guess that meant, Yes I have your bag.
She went to the back, then brought it out to me. Everything was there! Not one penny was missing. I was so thankful, I wanted to give her a tip or something but she wouldn’t take it.
The amazing service doesn’t end there.
We left the office store and stood outside trying to figure out where the bank was, we figured since we were downtown, now would be a good time to go to the bank and get some paperwork in order. Downtown is a crazy busy place, it is very easy to get lost!
Brasil downtown

That’s when the lady and her son (who looked like an NBA pro basketball player) came out of the store. They were closing up shop for an hour or so to run some errands.
He walked up to us and said “Lost?”
“Sim” I answered. “Banco?”
“Sim! Sim” he replied and pointed to his car.
This complete stranger was going to drive us to the bank! (or at least that’s what we hoped. He was a big guy, kind of intimidating) But we looked at to the lady and she smiled that warm and friendly smile of hers, she pointed to the car and said “Sim, Banco”
So we got in!
They drove us to the bank.
I left a tip in the cup holder of the car, because they wouldn’t take any money from us.
Now that’s great customer service.

This post is in response to the daily post challenge:What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?




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