Hey, are you awake? It’s 4am!

Hey, are you awake? It’s 4am. I’m awake, I’m sure you should be awake too. Hmm, what if I stand on your chest? Are you awake now? I’m sure you are awake, what if I paw at your face?
Oh, that got your attention, but you didn’t have to push me on to the floor.
Fine. You’re not awake. I’ll wait.

Hey, are you awake? It’s 5am. maybe if I scratch at the window…I know you like that! Scratch! Scratch!
Hey, why did you throw a sock at me?
Fine I’ll wait.

Hey, are you awake? It’s 6:15 am. I am really getting hungry now. I am going to lay on your chest and purr as loud as I can until you wake up. Oh ya, that’s the spot! Right behind the ear! I like that! Does that mean you’re getting up now?

YAY! You’re getting up! Wait, where are you going? The food dish is here. Nooo don’t shower first. Fine I’ll wait.

Oh here you come, hey, over here, I’m over here! OK I guess I can wait until you get dressed.
You look great, now come feed me!

Ya, that’s it, the soft stuff! Woohoo! I’m happy now, you can leave. Go take that dog thing for a walk or something. You know it’s kind of chilly in here, I’m just going to climb all over you and get you covered in cat hair.  Fine, I’m warm now. You can leave again.


This is my morning, almost every morning for the last 16 years thanks to my cat Spongy. He just showed up one day, and has been sponging off us ever since.

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/daily-prompt-perspective-2/


6 thoughts on “Hey, are you awake? It’s 4am!

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