Sorry, No Portuguese!

Desculpe, no Português
I got really good at saying that Phrase when travelling in Brasil. The truth is, I am terrible with languages. First of all I can’t remember them, and for some reason I cannot pronounce them either.
My boyfriend was purchasing a beautiful piece of land on the beach near Ilheus Brasil, and to do that it took quite a bit of paperwork. Thankfully we had a business manager that spoke a little bit of English to help us get it done. While downtown at the federal building we found out we needed to go make photocopies, so we went to the local office store, thankfully across the street, and rushed to get it done, before the doors closed. You see the workers were getting ready to go on strike and if we didn’t get all the paperwork done pronto, chances are it would take a very long time to get title to the land. So we had to hurry.
It was a bit chaotic, pulling paperwork and passports out of our bags, photocopying all kinds of documents then rushing back to the federal building, but we got it done, then went back to our little pousada on the beach to relax for a while.

Pousada Brasil

That’s when I realized I left my purse at the office store. It had my wallet, passport, everything in it. Oh Crap!
We hopped in a taxi and headed back downtown. We walked in the store and of course I used my conversation starter…
Desculpe, no Português
The lady smiled and nodded and replied no English!
The we pulled out our trusty iphone, and found the phrase “I lost my bag”
The lady smiled and said “Sim, eu tenho o seu saco.”
I guess that meant, Yes I have your bag.
She went to the back, then brought it out to me. Everything was there! Not one penny was missing. I was so thankful, I wanted to give her a tip or something but she wouldn’t take it.
The amazing service doesn’t end there.
We left the office store and stood outside trying to figure out where the bank was, we figured since we were downtown, now would be a good time to go to the bank and get some paperwork in order. Downtown is a crazy busy place, it is very easy to get lost!
Brasil downtown

That’s when the lady and her son (who looked like an NBA pro basketball player) came out of the store. They were closing up shop for an hour or so to run some errands.
He walked up to us and said “Lost?”
“Sim” I answered. “Banco?”
“Sim! Sim” he replied and pointed to his car.
This complete stranger was going to drive us to the bank! (or at least that’s what we hoped. He was a big guy, kind of intimidating) But we looked at to the lady and she smiled that warm and friendly smile of hers, she pointed to the car and said “Sim, Banco”
So we got in!
They drove us to the bank.
I left a tip in the cup holder of the car, because they wouldn’t take any money from us.
Now that’s great customer service.

This post is in response to the daily post challenge:What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?




Hey, are you awake? It’s 4am!

Hey, are you awake? It’s 4am. I’m awake, I’m sure you should be awake too. Hmm, what if I stand on your chest? Are you awake now? I’m sure you are awake, what if I paw at your face?
Oh, that got your attention, but you didn’t have to push me on to the floor.
Fine. You’re not awake. I’ll wait.

Hey, are you awake? It’s 5am. maybe if I scratch at the window…I know you like that! Scratch! Scratch!
Hey, why did you throw a sock at me?
Fine I’ll wait.

Hey, are you awake? It’s 6:15 am. I am really getting hungry now. I am going to lay on your chest and purr as loud as I can until you wake up. Oh ya, that’s the spot! Right behind the ear! I like that! Does that mean you’re getting up now?

YAY! You’re getting up! Wait, where are you going? The food dish is here. Nooo don’t shower first. Fine I’ll wait.

Oh here you come, hey, over here, I’m over here! OK I guess I can wait until you get dressed.
You look great, now come feed me!

Ya, that’s it, the soft stuff! Woohoo! I’m happy now, you can leave. Go take that dog thing for a walk or something. You know it’s kind of chilly in here, I’m just going to climb all over you and get you covered in cat hair.  Fine, I’m warm now. You can leave again.


This is my morning, almost every morning for the last 16 years thanks to my cat Spongy. He just showed up one day, and has been sponging off us ever since.

Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person

What’s that Smell?

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?
That is today’s Daily Post Blog Challenge.

50% of that question is easy.
I would give up my sense of smell. Sure I would miss the smell of coffee in the morning, of fresh baked bread, of the blooming roses in the rose garden! There are so many smells that I love and would miss dearly, but equally there are that many more smells that I wouldn’t mind never smelling again. Like the dumpster behind a nearby restaurant, my cat’s litter box, silent but deadly farts while trapped in an elevator, the list goes on and on. I think my life would change the least, if that was the sense that I lost.
I considered giving up taste, that way maybe I would eat brussel sprouts, couscous, fish and other healthy foods currently not on my menu. Then maybe I would be fitter, healthier, and feel and look better. That would be the plus side of giving up taste, but I can’t do it. I love food waaaaaay too much. Wing night would be a bore, wine tasting wouldn’t exist, and that one little piece of chocolate I sometimes treat myself too, well there would be no more treats. Actually my social life would probably extinguish, since it mostly surrounds dinner with friends, wing nights, backyard BBQ’s…food in general. So Nope, taste stays.

Sight and hearing are far too important to consider giving up, and as for touch. I thought about giving this one up too. It might be nice if I burnt my hand on the stove not to feel it. But on the opposite side, I wouldn’t know I was burning my hand and probably do far more damage to myself without even knowing it. Nope, losing the sense of touch would be far too dangerous. Plus I would miss the warm caress of my fuzzy blanket, feeling the arms of loved ones around me, and what about the soft fur of my cat? I would be sad to never pet my cat again and relish in his softness!


Now comes the hard part. Which sense to enhance? The two to choose from for me would be hearing and sight.

I would love to have better hearing, but only to be snoopy. This would be very advantageous if I was a secret agent spy, or a cop. But I’m not. I could overhear what bad guys were saying, hear them coming to get the jump on them, you know, that kind of thing. On the flip side I could hear my neighbour going to the bathroom, hear nasty music coming from the house next door while trying to sleep, hear all kinds of things that I wouldn’t want to hear and probably suffer from insomnia. So scratch that, enhancing my sense of hearing is out.

That leaves sight. Unless you want to include that often not talked about “6th sense”? No? I didn’t think so. So through process of elimination, my sight is enhanced, and “What’s That Smell” are three words you will never hear from me again!

This has been my 5th daily post!

Thanks for reading!



Parody of Lyrics!

Today’s Daily Prompt Challenge involved a parody:

I love writing parody of lyrics. I actually wrote one not too long ago and had it sung by a friend of mine, but I cannot upload MP3’s to this blog (unless I upgrade or something) so I guess I won’t be sharing that lovely song with all of you today. See the words aren’t the same unless you can hear it.
So Forget it!
Instead I will share a link to one of my favourite parody songs!

After all I am Canadian Eh!



Where is Wally Wobbles?

As a child growing up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan, we spent just as much time playing outside as we did inside. Like any other kid we had lots of toys and board games, but only one toy has remained with me until this very day. Wally Wobbles!

Wally Wobbles

Wally Wobbles

Wally is just a little guy, smaller than your average egg, so it was easy for Wally Wobbles to get misplaced. When I couldn’t find him, a flash of panic would come over me and I would run around the house saying, “Where’s Wally Wobbles? Where’s Wally Wobbles?” Eventually I would find him and tuck him in my pocket, or place him in my new safe spot, where I would forget where that was a week later, and start the whole process over again.

Even just now, when I decided to write about my dear Wally Wobbles, I went to my closet to get him and he wasn’t there! Poof, the flash of panic came over me once again. My face heated up, my heart started racing, then I spotted him. Someone had moved him to an upper shelf to access something behind him. Whew! Flooded with relief, I picked Wally Wobbles up and took a picture of him for this blog.

I felt really connected to Wally. He is such a rebel. He carries a slingshot in his back pocket. A little trouble maker, just like me! Maybe that’s why he was so important to me. He must have been getting in trouble all the time too!

I had never really paid too much attention to Wally, I just now noticed an inscription on his left buttock (if he had a bum) It says, 1973 Hasbro.  Gadzooks! Wally is older than I am!  Woo Hoo! I feel so young again!

I now notice he’s gotten a wee bit scratched up, I guess that’s what happens when you get thrown in pockets with coins and rocks and god knows what else I had in there!

I also do not know if Wally Wobbles was a name I gave him, or if that’s the toy brand name?  Maybe I’ll google it, maybe I won’t. It doesn’t matter. He will always be my Wally Wobbles!

PS: I also have my Hungry Hippos Game too!




This Blog was written for  :  What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

I Dropped the Elephant!

Pink Bubbly Blog.

I know what you are thinking…That’s an odd name for a blog post.
Lacking inspiration, I turned to my wine rack. In it I found a bottle of Pink Elephant Bubbly, or as they call it Sparkling wine.
So I dropped the elephant and claimed the name.
Now I must give some credit to the inspiration.
Pink Elephant Sparkling Wine, was created by a lovely fruit winery called Elephant Island Orchard Wines. They are located in Naramata, B.C. Canada. Yes, I did visit the winery to purchase.
On the bottle it reads: Kir Royal Reborn: Granny Smith apple cuvee with a Cassis dosage. Enjoy as a prelude to fun.

My bottle is from 2009. I think that’s a little too long to sit in my wine rack. What was I thinking

However, they still make the Pink Elephant Bubbly today! Here is a link, in case you would like to pick up a bottle for your next prelude to fun!

One last thing. Proof of inspiration! That’s the bottle that started it all! I think I’ll drink it, and toast to new beginnings!

Thank You Pink Elephant Bubbly!  I couldn’t have done it without you!

This Blog was created for:   The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).



Slippers, Coffee and my First Blog!
Daily Prompt: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other
Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.

Slippers, coffee and my first blog!
I am not sure why I chose this to be my first blog, but I guess it had to start somewhere. I don’t even know if I am doing this right, or if my blog is set up right. Oh well, if it works, it works.
So I put on my slippers, poured myself a cup of coffee, read the daily challenge post and sat down to write this, my first blog.
Funny that my first blog should be about my first blog. The Pink Bubbly Blog can never have another first blog, well unless I delete this one. Can I even do that? I have no idea. I think I need a lesson on how WordPress works. I guess that’s what my future holds. Blog education, and if we’re lucky, a second blog.
Till then, thanks for reading the first ever Pink Bubbly Blog!